12 Spiritual Laws to Live by

The world we live in is full of strife and uncertainty. It is also replete with beauty, abundance and joy. How are we to live to ensure the latter and avoid the former?

There are many systems that promise health, wealth and happiness if we follow their teachings. How can we know which to choose and how to best live? What can we base our lives on to live the best way possible?

It all depends on what we want to achieve. However, a life lived based on Cosmic Law is the best way to ensure success.

There are 12 natural laws that if we understand and use them in our daily lives, we can attain what we seek-- health, wealth, happiness and a long life.

Where are these laws and how do we find them?

We do not need to traverse the globe looking for these laws. Like the Acres of Diamond phenomenon, we must look where we are, within and without us. But unless we have eyes that see and hearts that understand, we will not find these laws on our own. Come and join us in a workshop that will reveal these laws to our eyes so we may see and to our hearts so we may understand.