The Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of Adam, Eve, and the Garden of Eden

Did Adam, Eve, and the talking serpent ever exist? Are we born in Original Sin because of Adam and Eve? Do we believe in a just God? If so, why do we believe in punishment for sins not committed by us but rather by our original parents? Can this possibly be true?

Is the story of Adam and Eve about obedience? Why would God want to tempt Adam and Eve by placing a good looking tree, a tree desirable to make one wise, in the middle of the Garden and then ask them not to eat of it? Are we to assume that God does not know the result of the temptation beforehand? And if God did know the result of the temptation, why go through the act?

Who created Adam and Eve in the first place? If they were not meant to have free will, why create them as such? If they were meant to have free will and they exercised it, why punish them? Is that not the essence of free will, to act in one’s best interest?

I believe that there is much more to this story than what appears at fist glance. Come with me on a tour of the Garden and take a closer look at the deeper, hidden, and spiritual meaning behind this fascinating and enduring story.