12 Steps to Effective Prayer—How to pray for results

How do we know if our prayers are heard? Does God hear our actual words and understand our earthly languages? Do we establish contact with the deity every time we pray or only some of the times? What determines the outcome? In this presentation we will learn, not only the natural laws concerning prayer, but also how to pray for results by understanding and applying a 12-step process. These 12 steps will ensure that our prayers are not only “heard” but answered as well.

Knowing the Secret Name of God

Why do we hallow the name of God instead of hallowing God directly? What does it mean to do something in the name of someone else such as Jesus or God? Does God have a name? How can we know it? What does the Tetragrammaton mean? Was Jesus called the Messiah, Emmanuelle, or simply Jesus?

In this article you will lean, not only the three types of names of God, but also how to utter them for impact and maximum effectiveness.

How to Re-enter the Kingdom of Heaven

Is Paradise lost? Can it be found? Do we need to wait until we die to re-enter it? Is the kingdom of Heaven the same as the Kingdom of God and the same as the Garden of Eden and Paradise?

Is Paradise a place or a state of being? How can we establish this state in our lives and re-enter this Paradise right now?

In this article you will learn not only what this state we term the Kingdom of Heaven is but also how to establish and re-enter it.