Soul, Fact or Fiction



How can we know for sure that we have a soul? Should we accept that we must have a soul because we have been told so? What if what we are told is not true? How can we find out for ourselves?


We are told many “truths” by religion, philosophy and science. We are told that we have souls because it is written in a holy book. We are even told that some have risen from the dead after being buried. To me personally, statements in books and the sayings of others mean little if I do not have the experience myself and know from first hand knowledge. Ultimately, the only proof that counts is that which we can demonstrate ourselves. We must be convinced because of our experiences. It is easy to believe. It is far more difficult to know for sure. It takes effort, intention and persistence to arrive at satisfying answers.


I cannot write in great detail, in this short report, about the validity and truth of the soul. I can, however, share with you some highlights and guide you to a source that is a wellspring of experiential “truths”.


The following insights are personal; I have lived them and demonstrated them to my own satisfaction. I urge you to evaluate your own experiences and see how many proofs you can come up with that will satisfy you beyond any shadow of a doubt. Do not take anyone else’s word for it. If something is important, demonstrate it to yourself.


1.             Out of Body Experience (OBE)

One of the best ways to prove the existence of the soul is to witness it leave the body. If we have an out of body experience (OBE), then we know for sure that we not only have a soul but that we are our soul. An OBE is not a theory. It is not a belief. It is knowing beyond any shadow of doubt. Many people have had OBEs. You can have one, too. There are books that describe techniques to achieve an OBE. I have had several OBEs. I describe some of them in detail in my book, A Passion for Living. Once you experience yourself out of your body, your doubts will vanish just as darkness is dispelled when the light shines.


2.             Near-Death Experience (NDE)

A near-death-experience (NDE) is the ultimate Out of Body Experience. Those who have had an NDE know the absolute reality of their souls. They have no fear of death because they know that they do not really die for they are eternal souls. Even though you might not have an NDE, you can talk to someone, or read the account of someone who has had an NDE and learn from his or her experience. I too have had an NDE. This experience changed my life. I describe my NDE in great detail in my book, A Passion for Living.


3.             Soul Visitations

Wouldn’t it be great if a departed soul visited us personally? Wouldn’t that be proof enough that the soul does indeed exist? I have had such an experience. My mother visited me after she died while I was in a monastery preparing to be a monk. Her visit left no doubt in my mind of the validity of the soul and its continued existence after death. I describe my mother’s visit in my book, A Passion for Living.


4.             Answers to Prayer

Have any of your prayers been answered in an unequivocal way? Did you ever ask God for something in particular and know right away that your desire had been granted? I have. I asked God to guide me to my soul mate, life partner, and future spouse. God did. I describe the full details of this experience in my book, A Passion for Living. If we can be certain that God hears us and answers our prayers, then we can be certain that we are part and parcel of God, a living soul personality and an offspring of our heavenly parent. If we came from a source that is eternal, we must be eternal as well. Just as a seed is in the image of the plant it came from, we are in the image of our source. If our source is “spirit” and eternal, so are we.


5.             Dreams

Have you ever wondered why we dream? Are dreams random activities of the brain, or are they a reflection of a far greater reality than what is apparent to us? Dreams are complex and simple explanations cannot do them justice. If you write down your dreams and keep a dream journal for a long time, you will come to the realization that dreams are the way your inner being, your deeper reality, your soul communicates to you on the physical plane. If you keep a journal and study your dreams, you will be amazed. You will know that you are of two worlds: Heaven (Soul) and Earth (Body), Light (Soul) and Darkness (Body). Heaven and light are timeless and eternal. Body and darkness are temporary. We have a permanent aspect to our self and we have a transient aspect as well. If we choose to identify with the permanent, then that is what we are.


6.             Why Attraction?

Attractions fascinate me. Why am I attracted to some people and not others? If attractions are physical and purely biological, which at times they are, why the specificity? If I walk into a room full of people I have never met before, why is it that I feel strong attraction to one or two, strong repulsion toward a few and indifference toward most? What governs my attractions and repulsions? If it were a purely biological function, how can I explain the specificity? Why do we feel comfortable with some people but not others? Obviously, we do not get attracted to the most beautiful or repulsed by the most ugly. We each have our specific tastes. What governs our attractions/repulsions? Is it pure biology or is it the memory of our soul?



7.             Biology

We are told that environment and heredity determine individuality and personality. For me, these two factors alone do not adequately explain differences in people. Family members often share a great deal of heredity and environment, yet exhibit distinct personality traits. Two children born to the same parents and living under similar circumstances can exhibit incredibly different traits and personalities. I believe that a third factor is required to explain differences in people. This third element is soul personality. Soul personality is what we experience as the inner being. Deep inside, we know that we are more than genetics and environment; we are a soul personality.


If the theory of Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest was by itself true, then how can we explain acts of heroism and self-sacrifice? Individuals sacrifice their lives for the benefit of others because deep down they know that their lives do not end with death. If death were the end of it all, we would have been biologically prevented from sacrificing our lives for others. The knowledge that death is not the end comes from deep within. The validity of our soul is self-evident for us when we are alone, quiet and reflective.




8.             The Changeless

Even though our bodies have been changing since conception, and our emotions and mental states have been maturing, there is a permanent aspect to our being. We always know who we are. We have continuity to our being. Our individuality, our uniqueness, and our ego are never in doubt by us. Even though our cells die and new ones are born and the atoms composing our bodies are completely replaced every few years, we always know who we are regardless of any changes that we go through. Our essence is always the same. It remains changeless and inviolate. This changeless essence is the soul.

9.             Test

Have you ever told yourself that you want to wake up at a certain time and sure enough you wake up at exactly the time you specified? I have done that on several occasions. How is this possible? If this is a function of the brain, how can the brain tell time? I know the body has a biological clock but this is not the same as the ordinary clock that we have on the wall. We must have something that is beyond the body that complies with our requests. There must be an aspect to us that is awake while we sleep. This aspect must not be bound by the body for time is not in the body. Time is a convention we created to measure duration. What is this aspect that can wake us up at the exact time we want to wake up? You can call it whatever you like, but its reality remains the same. I call this aspect my soul and essence.


10.        ESP

Have you ever had a strong hunch, or a gut feeling about something and you were right about it? Where did this feeling originate from? It did not come from your brain because you could not have thought of it. It did not come from your emotions, or your body. It came to you but not from you, at least not your normal you. Where did it come from? It came from your essence, your soul, which is in touch with the Universal Soul, or God. If you learn to listen and trust this inner “voice”, you will not only live a healthier, happier and more prosperous and productive life, you will get to know your inner reality as well. 


11.        Beauty and the Sublime

Have you ever been “struck” by beauty? I have, more than once. Have you ever read a poem or a book and were touched to your core? Have you ever watched a movie or listened to a story and were overwhelmed by emotion? If you have, then you have experienced the sublime. There are two distinct experiences we can have: the ordinary and the transcendent. According to Andrew Newberg, a radiologist at the University of Pennsylvania, the orientation association area in the brain’s left parietal lobe determines the distinction between the physical self and the rest of existence. As the flow of information to this area is dramatically reduced, “the subject would experience a sense of a limitless awareness melting into infinite space.”


We seem to be biologically wired to experience the sublime. We are born into and live with a sense of connectedness to the sublime and to a reality higher than our individual self. This sense of the sublime comes from the depth of our being. It is the yearning of our soul to connect with a reality beyond the physical, a reality that is our source and destination. This reality manifests in moments of inspiration, insight and through unusual experiences. In my book, A Passion for Living I describe a simple experience I once had eating an ordinary garden tomato that turned out not to be ordinary after all. This sublime experience transformed my being.


12.        Dimensions and Reality

The subject of dimensions is vast and I devote a complete chapter in my book to describing it in great detail. This chapter is one of the most important in my book. By understanding what the various dimensions are, we get to know our true nature. We get to know ourselves as a “word”, a seed, an idea, as mind and soul. By understanding dimensions we get to understand and know, not only ourselves, but all else as well.


I have written this brief report to acquaint you with some of the subjects in my book, A Passion for Living. It took me 9 years to write this book and have it published. This book constitutes a breakthrough in understanding ourselves, life and its circumstances. If knowledge is power, this book gives us all the power we need to live happy, fulfilled and meaningful lives. Instead of merely passing through life, we can live with awareness and make a difference.


The book includes the following chapters:


1.         Wake Up

2.         Have Something Worthwhile to Live For

3.         Know Yourself

4.         Decipher the Meaning of Life and Master the Art of Living

5.         Understand Why we Age and Die

6.         Release Your Brakes

7.         Take it Easy, Enjoy Yourself, and Do What You Can

8.         “Dimensions of Reality”


Soul for me is a fact. I have experienced it on several occasions. In my quest to better understand myself, I discovered several “truths” that set me free -- free from fear, uncertainty and superstition. I documented these in a unique book that can transform lives through the knowledge it imparts. This book is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and the ones you care for.


If we cultivate our minds, then all else falls into place. Studying A Passion for Living a path to meaning and joy is a giant step in that direction.


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Thank you for taking the time to reflect on the serious aspect of living and to enrich your life.



Shahan Shammas






“They took away what should have been my eyes, but I remembered Milton’s Paradise.  They took away what should have been my ears, Beethoven came and wiped away my tears.  They took away what should have been my tongue, but I had talked to God when I was young.  He would not let them take away my soul—possessing that, I still possess the whole.”                                     Helen Keller





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