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   Shahan is a spiritual, motivational, and educational speaker. Shahan was born in Aleppo, Syria where he lived for the first fifteen years of his life. At the age of 15, he went to Lebanon where he attended a monastery to study and prepare to be a monk. After two years, he left the monastery to continue his education.

   Shahan graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelorís degree in Biology. At the age of 24, Shahan came to the United States and became a US citizen after serving in the US Army for three years. After working as a Histologist and an Electron Microscopist at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for 7 years, Shahan started a new career in Computers. He worked for the Department of Treasury as a Computer Systems Analyst for 22 years. In 2003 Shahan retired from the Government to dedicate his life to teaching.

   Shahan has a passion for knowing. He is constantly increasing his knowledge and understanding. Shahan shares his insights and knowledge through seminars, workshops and as a speaker at conventions and retreats. Shahan is a firm believer in service and in teaching as a way of learning. Shahan is a special educator for the Judy Hoyer Family Learning Center. He teaches English, Math and Life Skills. Shahan lives with his wife in the Greater Washington, DC area.

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