A Passion for Living at Any Age

Life is a challenge. If it weren’t for the difficulties that we faced as humans, our evolution would not be assured. It is by overcoming our challenges that we develop our skills, abilities and expand our competence. If challenge is the nature of life, then we do not have to fear difficulties. They are the means for our growth.

To meet our never-ending stream of challenges and succeed, we require three ingredients:

    1. An abundance of energy
    2. The appropriate knowledge and skill to deal with these challenges and
    3. An action plan

And that is the purpose of this workshop.

  • In this workshop you will learn how to get all the energy you need by discovering and fanning your passions
  • We will discuss the knowledge you need to meet any challenge life presents you. These are based on personal experience, science, religion, and practical philosophy
  • The action plan we will discuss is the following:
    1. First, we must Wake Up
    2. Second, we must Have Something Worthwhile to Live for
    3. Third, we must know who we are, what we stand for and what makes us unique
    4. Fourth, we must Decipher the Meaning of Life and Master the Art of Living
    5. Fifth, we must Understand Why We Age and Ultimately Die
    6. Sixth, we must Release our Brakes so we may glide along the highways and airways of life with the least effort
    7. Seventh, we must Take it Easy, Enjoy Ourselves and Do What We Can