A Passion for Living

A path to meaning and joy...

Work was a drudgery that sapped his time and energy.  To escape it and dedicate his life to a worthy cause,  Shahan Shammas began an earnest search for answers. In a dream, he received a clear and precise answer: "Unless you learn to wisely invest the little that you already have, you will not be given more." Relating this to the Parable of the Talents, Shahan decided to invest the little he had wisely. After 9 years of intense persistence and inspired work, Shahan's efforts gave birth to his first book.

To live a life of meaning and joy, we must know who we are and how to best take advantage of our circumstances. We must live for a purpose that embodies our innate nature, express who we are and who we want to be. We can be victimized by our circumstances, or we can wake up and live the life we choose. If we apply the insights in this book, we will awaken and take charge of our lives. We will experience lasting joy. This book will help each of us to:

  • Wake Up
  • Have Something Worthwhile to Live For
  • Know Ourselves
  • Decipher the Meaning of Life and Master the Art of Living
  • Understand Why We Age and Die
  • Release our Brakes
  • Take it Easy, Do What we Can and  enjoy Ourselves

For a more detailed description of the book, please refer to the table of contents.

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