It was easier in the old days for scientists and philosophers to understand life and our place in it. They could see the bigger picture because they were not as specialized as we are. Today, we are extremely specialized and hence our knowledge is fragmented.  Scientists see science as the only available tool to discover and understand life’s mysteries.  Religious people, on the other hand, advocate God as the answer to everything.  While science provides us with answers and great tools to enhance the quality of our lives, it has yanked the carpet out from under our feet. It denies the existence of our souls and postulates that we are simply the result of random forces of nature.  Thus, while we are living “longer and better”, we have lost our sense of meaning and value. We feel worthless.


Even though science is a great tool available for the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, it employs analysis which is divisive in nature. It compares, contrasts, and differentiates between objects of study. It dissects the living in order to study life, which is whole.  Additionally, science postulates that matter is the ultimate reality. Yet, no one knows what matter is. The deeper we peek into the nature of matter, the more emptiness we find.  And even though science asserts that the laws of physics shape the universe, they ignore the fact that these laws are not physical and that they are not confined within space and time. If we can assert the existence of these laws, we can assert the existence of other items such as soul and consciousness for these are not confined to space and time as well.


Most religions, on the other hand, are too shallow and if you take the time and make the effort to go deeper, you immediately see the gaping holes.


If God created us and we are in God’s image, why are we so frail and subject to disease, pain, suffering, aging and death? Besides, whose version of religion are we supposed to accept?  There are so many of them. 


The ancients had a third alternative that requires direct experience and an intimate connection to reality. It also emphasizes the importance of gaining knowledge firsthand.  This happens when the mind of the knower unites with the object of knowledge and Gnosis ensues.


Thus, when you have a Gnosis, you know; not because you have been told that it is so, but because you can see and understand, because it makes sense to you and because you experienced it yourself.


All it takes is fearlessness and the desire to know and understand instead of the need to defend a system of thought or an unfounded belief.


The ancients taught us that there are only two books we can study; nature and ourselves.  Let us start with ourselves.


Where did we come from?  Were we created, or did we evolve due to natural selection and survival of the fittest?  Let us pull back and observe our beginning in the womb.


The National Geographic Channel recently aired a two-hour television program entitled In the Womb.  If you watched this program, you could clearly see that it is neither creation nor natural selection that is the dominant force at play. Something else entirely is taking place. It is clear if we only have eyes to see and a pure heart to comprehend.


It is obvious that we start as a fertilized seed.  Everything starts as a seed and then undergoes unfoldment.


The universe started as a seed which science calls the singularity. This is the dense “ball” that exploded and started the “Big Bang”, expansion, and the eventual formation of the universe. This explosion, however, was not random.  It was orderly and the beginning of an unfoldment.


We also started as a seed. Our seed, the fertilized ovum, exploded in activity and expansion through multiplication at a furious pace that ultimately resulted in the human body just as the rapid expansion and organization of the Big Bang resulted in the formation of the galaxies and the universe.  Neither the universe, nor we, are a finished product. Therefore, we cannot be created for creation implies a finished product.


The ancient Greeks realized this when Heraclitus wrote about perpetual change and becoming.  He stated that we could never step into the same river twice because the water has moved along and is down river. Matter is in a constant state of flux. 


Jesus Christ realized the true nature of being when He stated in Luke 8:11: 


   “Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.


The meaning of this powerful verse becomes clear once we reverse the order of the two words “seed” and “word.”


  “Now the parable is this: The word of God is the seed.”


This makes perfect sense.  God does not speak words that are written in books. God’s words are the seeds scattered all over as you, as me, as the tree, as the cat, as the earth, as the mountain, and as the universe.


Life is like a fig with each seed on its own journey of unfoldment.  Unlike the fig, life is a diversity of seeds.


It is true that it is all within you—the kingdom of God and everything else.  Yet, what is within you are not finished products—merely the seeds.


The seeds lying within you are dormant.  They are asleep and unless awakened, planted, and nurtured, they will not grow and unfold.


And this is where I come in.


My name is Shahan Shammas and I have spent years studying, thinking, pondering, searching, and discovering. Slowly, but surely, I have gained some gnosis, which over the years, I have shared with a select group of individuals. Now is your time to have access to this knowledge.


I have put together a package for you that I am certain will not only enrich your life by providing answers to the puzzling questions of life, but will also empower you.  The knowledge you will gain will help disintegrate your fears, worries, and dependencies. It will set you free of guilt, false beliefs, and debilitating concepts.


I am not a religious person, nor do I want to convert you to my way of thinking. I merely want to share with you what I have learned and discovered over the years that not only helped me to live a wondrous life, but that I am sure will help transform your life from ordinary existence to an extraordinary life in your own Garden of Eden.


Specifically, I am talking about a package that contains the following:


1.         Three Simple Steps to True and Permanent Personal Power

2.         Living the Powerful Life

3.         The Lord’s Prayer Explained! Discover the Deeper Meaning and Power of The Lord’s Prayer Based on its Original Aramaic and

4.         A Passion for Living: A Path to Meaning and Joy


1.             Three Simple Steps to True and Permanent Personal Power contains the tools you will need to start the process of identifying the seeds that have been lying dormant within you.  This will help you not only to know yourself as never before, but also to love and appreciate yourself as well.  Specifically, this detailed article will give you six approaches to discover who you are and begin the journey of discovering and nurturing the seed of your personal power.  It will also equip you with the knowledge needed to:


a.        Learn how to know yourself by observing the events of your life

b.        Learn what you can learn from your dreams

c.         Learn how to distinguish between who and what you are

d.        Learn what it means to be in the image of your source

e.        Learn how to love yourself and

f.         Learn how to express yourself


2.             Living the Powerful Life is another detailed analysis that shows you how to live the powerful life by learning how to take full advantage of the opportunities that life presents you with.  It is not enough to know that you are powerful. You must express this power in daily living.  As you express your power, the seed within you will begin to unfold and your power will multiply.  Specifically in this article you will learn:


a.             The simple facts of life

b.             How to formulate a clear and concise philosophy of life that empowers you

c.              How to strengthen your confidence, how to be  fearless, and how to stop feeling helpless

d.             How to set yourself apart and capitalize on your own uniqueness

e.             How to understand the true nature of power and how to tap into its source.


3.             The Lord’s Prayer has fascinated me for a long time. I learned the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic as a child and later spent 2 years in a monastery studying Aramaic and Christianity. What I discovered is that the Lord’s Prayer is not a simple prayer.  Within it you can discover all that you need to know in order to live a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life. 


The Lord’s Prayer is the only example of what Christ taught us how to do in specific terms and in great detail. He taught us not only where and how to pray, but the exact words to use. Why? Why would Christ use these specific words found in the Lord’s Prayer?  Why didn’t Christ allow us to create and make up our own prayers?


Why does Christ address his prayers to the Father instead of to God directly? Is the Father different than God?


And why does Christ say that God is in Heaven? Isn’t God everywhere?  What does Heaven actually mean and where is it? You will be amazed when you discover the true meaning of Heaven and Earth once you listen to The Lord’s Prayer Explained!


And why does Christ teach us to hallow the Father’s name without telling us what this name is?  How can we hallow God’s name if we do not know it? It is all clarified in The Lord’s Prayer Explained!


Christ spoke at length about the Kingdom of Heaven but He only used parables in his attempt to explain what this Kingdom is. So, when we say in our prayers:  “Thy kingdom come,” do we know what we are asking for? What exactly is the Kingdom of God? Is it the same as the Kingdom of Heaven?  Find out in The Lord’s Prayer Explained!


When we say:  “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” what do we mean?  Can it be any other way?  Is there a different will than God’s will?  Are there two wills? One as God’s will in Heaven and then another will--that of Satan on Earth? Can Satan or the Devil have a will that is outside and independent from the will of God? How can God be almighty then? Find out in The Lord’s Prayer Explained!


We ask God for bread. Why just bread?  If God is the source of all and we are his children, why not ask for everything that we want and need?  Why are we limiting ourselves to only bread?  Is there any significance to this request?  Is there a deeper and hidden meaning behind the use of this word?  Find out in The Lord’s Prayer Explained!


Is asking for forgiveness necessary? Will we be forgiven just for asking or is forgiveness an automatic act that does not require the intervention of God? Is it possible that forgiveness solely depends on an action that we must take? What must we do so that we are forgiven all acts of commission and all acts of omission? You will learn all this and more in The Lord’s Prayer Explained!


When we ask God not to lead us into temptation, are we accusing God that in fact it is He who leads us into temptation?  Did God really tempt Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Do you believe that there actually was a serpent that spoke and in fact told the truth to Eve regarding the results of her action? Find out in The Lord’s Prayer Explained!


When we ask God to deliver us from evil, what are we asking for?  Do we know what evil is?  Think about it. Is evil the same as bad? Is evil all acts that stem from the Devil? Does the Devil really exist and where does it hide?


If all the glory, the power and the kingdom belong to God, where do we fit in?  What is our true relationship to this Father, and to God?


Finally, when we finish our prayer by saying “Amen,” what exactly are we saying?  What does Amen mean?  Find out this and much more in The Lord’s Prayer Explained!


The power of prayer is universally acknowledged. But will any prayer do?  Are all prayers equally powerful? Why did most prophets and religious founders pray and ask their followers to do the same? What is so special about prayer in general and the Lord’s Prayer in particular?


Even though The Lord’s Prayer appears simple at first glance, it is not, once we delve into it. Investigating the deeper meaning of this prayer reveals the symbolic, sacred, and spiritual meanings buried deep within it.


Many people pray by reciting The Lord’s Prayer.  This prayer is extremely powerful but only if we know its deeper and hidden meaning.  Christ taught in parables and in the form of stories because He could not, at His time, teach the people openly regarding the secrets of God, the laws of life, and the meaning of the Kingdom of Heaven.  He had to use allegories.  The only ones he taught openly and explained the hidden and deeper meaning of His message to, were his disciples. In Matthew 13:10, we read:


Then the disciples came and asked him, “Why do you speak to them in parables?” He answered, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.”


If we uncover the deeper meaning of this parable, The Lord’s Prayer, then we will see clearly all that we need to live in harmony with the spiritual laws found in The Lord’s Prayer.  Once we do, our unfoldment as seed will accelerate tremendously.


In The Lord’s Prayer Explained! Discover its Deeper Meaning and Power I have put together over 5 hours of detailed explanation of the hidden meaning and power of the words used in The Lord’s Prayer based on the original Aramaic. Aramaic is the actual language Jesus used. I have also added the CD entitled 12 steps to effective prayer—how to pray for results.  This CD alone is well worth the money for the entire set. In this CD, I explain the laws involved in getting prayers answered.  I use actual examples and show you how to use a 12-step formula to get your prayers answered.


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4.             A Passion for Livinga path to meaning and joy is a 339 page book that took me 9 years to write. My purpose in writing this enlightening and inspired book was and is to empower individuals to live their lives fully instead of merely passing through life. This book is meant to stimulate your thinking and to encourage you to take your life seriously, for you are too important to merely pass through life. You can live with a passion, for a purpose, and you can make a difference. You can transform not only your life, but also the lives of the many. I spent lots of time and effort in writing this book.  Please do not let this opportunity to own a copy pass you by.


Let me tell you a little bit more about this incredible book.


Ancient philosophers urged us to know ourselves. Do you know who you really are? Are you one of the billions of humans inhabiting planet earth, here today and gone tomorrow as if you never existed, or can you distinguish yourself as one of a kind, unique, a marvel to behold --someone who can make a difference in their own life and the lives of others?


Are you a mere body with emotions and thoughts? Or, is there something within you that defies description and that can be cultivated to manifest its qualities visibly in your daily life?


Does life have meaning and purpose for you?  Does your life have meaning and do you have a purpose for your life?


Do you know why we suffer and how to stop this suffering?  


Do you know how to get answers to the questions that you have? How do you know if you can rely on these answers?


If you want to not only understand life and its circumstances, but also how to be the master of your destiny, then you must study the material in this book.


Just take a look at the chapter titles of this inspirational book:


1.        Wake up

2.        Have Something Worthwhile to Live for

3.        Know Yourself

4.        Decipher the Meaning of Life and Master the Art of Living

5.        Understand Why We Age and Die

6.        Release Your Brakes

7.        Take it Easy, Enjoy Yourself, and Do What You Can

8.        Repeat the Seven Step Process—Each Time, Waking Up on a Higher Plane


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In the days of Christ, only his disciples had the privilege of inside knowledge. The time has come for us to be like the disciples and know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven directly. This package will give you the insight, inspiration, and the tools to live a life of power, meaning, and joy.


We must be awake to take full advantage of what life brings our way. Life has brought this product your way. Are you going to look the other way, or are you going to grab the bull by the horns and take full advantage of this offer and make the most of what life brings your way?


The moment is right. The time is now.  Your opportunity is knocking. Are you ready to wake up, open a doorway to your mind and heart, and live with passion and understanding?  Are you ready to discover and learn the hidden and deeper meaning of The Lord’s Prayer based on its original Aramaic? Are you ready to master the three simple steps to true and permanent personal power? Are you ready to live the powerful life? Are you ready to have true and permanent personal power?


All are invited to the feast of life, but only a few are ready to accept the invitations and partake of its riches. The Kingdom of Heaven is within and so are all the answers, but only as dormant seeds. To learn, to discover, and to understand the secrets of heaven and earth requires commitment and action. I have dedicated time, effort, and money, not only to learn all I can, but also to share with those who are ready to accept the invitation and act.


Act now, while the invitation is extended to you. The supply is limited and the invitation is for now. Opportunity knocks. Is there someone on the other side ready to open the door and step into the light?


A choice awaits you. Either continue the way you are, or act now and boldly let the light of this package stream into your life and transform you.  Your destiny is in your hands or more accurately, in your decisions. This is your personal invitation to act and gain light, wisdom, and understanding.


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Option 1: Full Package


1.        Three Simple Steps to True and Permanent Personal Power

2.        Living the Powerful Life

3.        The Lord’s Prayer Explained! Discover the deeper meaning and power of The Lord’s Prayer based on it original Aramaic (5 CD set)

4.         12 Steps to Effective Prayer—How to pray for results (1 CD)

5.         A Passion for Living—a path to meaning and joy (book)


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1.        Three Simple Steps to True and Permanent Personal Power

2.        Living the Powerful Life

3.         The Lord’s Prayer Explained! Discover the deeper meaning and power of The Lord’s Prayer based on it original Aramaic (5 CD set)

4.         12 Steps to Effective Prayer—How to pray for results (1 CD)


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1.             Three Simple Steps to True and Permanent Personal Power

2.             Living the Powerful Life

3.             A Passion for Livinga path to meaning and joy


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1.             The Lord’s Prayer Explained! Discover the deeper meaning and power of The Lord’s Prayer based on it original Aramaic (5 CD set)

5.         12 Steps to Effective Prayer—How to pray for results (1 CD)


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 A Passion for Livinga path to meaning and joy


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