Seminars and Workshops


The Lord's Prayer Explained!
(The Hidden Meaning and Power of the Lord's Prayer based on its Original Aramaic)

Reincarnation, Fact or Fiction

Unleashing the Power of the Human Mind
(What Exactly is Mind and How to Best Use it?)

A Passion for Living at Any Age
(a Path to Meaning and Joy)

Twelve Spiritual Laws to Live by

Discover and Live Your Mission
(how to attain what you desire)

The Nature of Self, God, Life and Death

Speaking Engagements

Shahan Shammas is a spiritual, inspirational teacher and a cultivator of the mind. To be in one of Shahan's workshops is a memorable experience. His words are powerful, his insights are revealing and his passion is contagious. Shahan blends science, philosophy, and metaphysics with personal experience in a unique manner to confer understanding and impart real and lasting knowledge.

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