Table of Contents



The Process


Stage 1

Wake Up

Opening our eyes · Wakeful living · We do not have to struggle to succeed · We are where we need to be · We have what it takes to achieve · Everyone and everything matters · We are all connected

Stage 2

Have Something Worthwhile to Live for

Having a worthwhile purpose to live for · Defining our purpose · Purpose must be personal · Purpose must be rewarding · Purpose must be motivating · Purpose must be challenging · Purpose must be implemented locally, incrementally, and with global consequences · Purpose must be expandable · Purpose must be a trinity of mission, objectives, and strategies · Formulating our purpose · My purpose · Embodying our purpose · Write it down · Live it in thought, feeling and action until it becomes your reality · Nurture it · Avoid negative influences

Stage 3

Know Yourself

Knowing ourselves through experience—unusual experiences · Knowing ourselves through experience—common experiences · Knowing ourselves through systems of thought · Knowing ourselves through example · Knowing who we are · We are more than the body · We are in the image of our source · We are creators of value and meaning; transformers of chaos into order · We are seeds in the garden of being—cells in a body · We are in charge of our destiny

Stage 4

Decipher the Meaning of Life and Master the Art of Living

Life and meaning · The blueprint of life and its architect · The cell · Mastering the art of living · Metabolism · Growth · Response to stimulation · Reproduction · Personalizing life · Life as quality · Life as diversity · Life as a journey of self-discovery

Stage 5

Understand Why We Age and Die

Why we age

Improper metabolism, disease, neglect, and abuse · Lack of growth, cancer, or absence of a community sense · Boredom and rigidity · Withdrawal from engagement and lack of creativity · Indifference, or lack of a positive motive to live · Tyranny of the group, and lack of individuality · Lack of joy in the process of living and the increasing burden of the baggage we carry along

Why we die

Birth · Living · Death · A personal experience · Eight reasons we decide to die · I felt tired and needed to rest · It was time to go to bed · I had to get up early the next morning · I did all I could for today–I did not feel like doing anything else · I was bored · It was an accident–I was reading in bed and I just fell asleep · I wanted to sleep and dream · Dissolving the corporation

Stage 6

Release Your Brakes

Ignorance · Fear · Pain and suffering · Pain and suffering help us wake up · Enable us to let go · Aid our learning and growth · Prepare us for pleasure · Remind us of our ignorance, or "sin" · Polish our character and personality · Link us to humanity

Stage 7

Take it Easy, Enjoy Yourself, and

Do What You Can

Doing what we can · Living like a corporation: clear and focused mission · Action plan · Customer satisfaction · Communication and other skills · Integrity · Empowerment and recognition with a commitment to excellence · Willingness to change


A New Beginning:

Repeat the Seven Step Process--

Each Time, Waking Up on a Higher Plane

Dimensions · The lower dimensions · The first dimension · The second dimension · The third dimension · The higher dimensions · The fourth dimension · The fifth dimension · The sixth dimension · The seventh dimension · Rising to higher dimensions · Acquiring knowledge · Thinking · Adopting an ideal · Practicing detachment · Conscious dreaming · Living the inspired, passionate and creative life · Acts of heroism and noble deeds · Meditation and prayer · Communion · Loving and relating deeply and profoundly